Thursday, January 29, 2015

Let it snow...

I was given a little thermos mug for my birthday to keep my tea and coffee warm when get distracted in my studio.  It also came in very handy for doing a 'take out' morning coffee when the first snow of the year fell on Yorkshire Wolds.  There is really nothing more transforming that a clean, fresh, dusting of snow and ice.  These snowflakes managed to build up an impressive volume on all the twigs, branches and wind weathered stalks.  It was a beautiful start to the day.  I shall have to remember to take my morning coffee 'out' more often.

Snow, January 2015


  1. nice wellies! what brand are they? they look good and sturdy. I keep killing mine walking in sunset meadows, i think because of the uneven terrain. isn't a fresh coat of white just lovely?
    we had a few inches last week.............this week, a little more than that. 30+ inches from the blizzard. sure is pretty and sparkly!

    1. They are Crocs and they are great! Super lightweight, no seams and they come in all sorts of great colours!

    2. huh. Well I didn't know that crocs did boots. Interesting.

  2. Going for a walk in fresh snow is so refreshing. I especially love the days when we get hoar frost. It looks so striking with a big blue backdrop. Love the boots :)

  3. I hope I didn't forget your/our birthday? I think I messaged you, but maybe that was just in my head. Anyway, Happy Birthday...almost a month late. Nice coat too by the the way.


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