Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Traditions and the Manifesto Ring

One of my clients was kind enough to email to let me know that Pearl Manifesto Ring that I had made specially for her played a supporting role in a PBS Food video that came out last Christmas. You have to keep your eyes out for it, but at around about 2.10 you'll see a quick flash of it as my client cuts into the tourtiere!

The music and atmosphere in this little film is really rather lovely, and rather appropriate for this time of year.

I actually made another one of these rings recently using a leaf sent to me by the client - a leaf from an important place.  I rather enjoy this process of rooting a piece of jewellery to a particular place by imprinting it with specific botanical specimens.  It seems to be an ancient, vital thing with a lineage that stretches way back.

Silver and Vintage Pearl Manifesto Ring on Etsy by Cari-Jane Hakes
I'll leave you with this image that I found on Pinterest, a timely reminder to all of us who feel a little stretched at this time of year.

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