Friday, November 7, 2014

Really Rather Wonderful Things

I have been wanting to share the work of Ford Hallam for some time now.  This beautifully languid film goes some way to capturing the work of this master Metal Artist.

You may find it hard to believe but I do not own a jewellery box.  If I do ever purchase one then these boxes by Sobre Tronks and Co would be top of my list.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Ready For The Holidays?

I'm taking part in the Etsy Metal blog carnival this month which has asked Etsy Metal members to share their tips on how they get through the busy run up to Christmas.

Well, one of the reasons it has been rather quiet in and around the Hybrid Handmade blog is that I have been getting ready for Christmas since July because that is when I found out that my work was going to be published in the Notonthehighstreet Christmas gift guide.

This rather fine 162 page catalogue began falling on doormats all over the UK on Friday 25th October.

I'm on page 140, in case you were wondering
In July I began researching and purchasing new tools and machines and since the beginning of September I have been making as many components as I can in advance.  I've been told there is no such thing as being over prepared when it comes to being part of a notonthehighstreet Christmas so I'm taking no chances, belt, braces and any other holding up accessories will be employed at all times.

tools, packaging materials and bench pegs
I'm trying to keep my tools tidy....well, at least I try to tidy them away at the end of the day so at least I can reach for them and find them the next day.  I may even change by bench peg (bottom right image). Elsewhere in the studio I'm trying to streamline each process by keeping all my supplies, ribbons, mailing labels, washi tape etc boxed and compartmentalised to within an inch of its life!

I know I'm going to be spending a lot of time in my studio so recently I made a little extra effort to decorate it with a few coloured lights, pictures and I even painted a few of the walls a bright chalky white to reflect in as much of the fading autumn light as I can.

The little hanging birds in the window remind me to get outside in between intense periods of engraving and cutting, spread my wings a little and recharge for the next set of orders.

'Drop & Go'
Being totally over prepared and stocked up to the max with components is going to be no good at all if I end up wasting precious minutes lining up in my local village post office.  I'm very thankful to Chris, the most excellent postmaster, who got me all signed up with the Post Office 'Drop & Go' service.  Not only does it save me time but I get this rather fantastic orange Santa sack to put all my completed parcels in.  And yes, before you ask, I did co-ordinate my scarf to match the sack.

I have no idea how I will feel when the final posting date for Christmas comes round but I hope I can keep working with a happy heart and that the stresses and strains of being a solo entrepreneur are resolved and rationalised before I step out and celebrate this beautiful time of the year with my family and friends.

To all my fellow Etsy Metalers I wish you Bon Courage, Use the Force and just make sure all your washi tapes are lined up and you'll be fine!

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