Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Etsy Metal 3xR Challenge 2014

We are nearly at the half way point on this challenge.  I post on the Etsy Metal blog every two weeks with progress from my bench and the other workbenches scattered all over the world of the metalsmiths, artists and goldsmiths who are taking part in this year long challenge to reduce, reuse and recycle some of the precious metal and stone that has been stored and horded in our respective studios over the years.

3xR Challenge, the story so far, weeks 1-20, Cari-Jane Hakes 2014
You can see all my fellow 3xR-ers work over on  I have a flickr album especially for this project and it can be found here.

I'm looking for a pattern in this work, but to be honest, I have no time to look back, just time to keep moving forward!

20 done, only 36 to go!


  1. So that's what the "3xR" is for! That is absolutely fascinating and such a great idea. I love all the work that you have done so far. Each piece is unique and I like that you can't find much of a pattern. It says something about the creativity and beauty of each piece. All I can see is that you enjoy the colour blue, and circles or ovals with smooth edges :)

  2. I love, love, LOVE the idea of digging into your existing supplies and giving those things a chance to shine!! So pretty!


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