Monday, May 19, 2014

Making Beauty, Finding Beauty

I am a maker of beautiful things.  I don't intend that to be a boastful claim; I feel that it is part of my job description.  Often my first thought on hearing of a friend in need is 'what can I make for them?'.  If I am too far away to offer a shoulder to cry on then I conclude that sending them something beautiful will some how lessen the pain.  Well, it is my hope.

As a maker of beautiful things I am always on the hunt for the beautiful; be it in tone, colour, shape or form.

Honeysuckle and Lupin, May 2014, Cari-Jane Hakes
It's easy to find in stick and steam - perhaps the greatest skill of all is finding beauty where there seems to be none.  In those places, the beauty is less physically obvious; found instead in the corner of a smile or a kind gesture.  

Indeed, I am a maker of beautiful things and I hope that I never take for granted that great privilege and the ability to walk out, in freedom, to find and photograph and collect all that is beautiful.

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  1. isn't that the truth? the freedom to walk out, explore and find beautiful things. and yes, quite often beautiful things are not where you expect and can be a bit hidden. i watched a piece last night on 60 minutes and this landfill in paraguay where people pick to find things they can sell. but a bigger story came out of it when they started making instruments at the bequest of one man who then organized a children's orchestra. beauty where there is so much ugliness. their story is here, check it out. it made me sad, and then happier and happie until I was moved to tears.


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