Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Etsy Metal 3xR 2014 weeks 13 and 14

Having a little side project on the go is a good thing, I have decided.  When I first set myself the task of participating in this year long Etsy Metal challenge I imagined that producing an extra piece a week wouldn't be that difficult.

How wrong I was.

When things get busy and your main focus of each and every day is keeping up with various dead lines and client expectations the idea of dropping onto your 'side project' at 1am in the morning is not really on the cards.  And so, alarmingly, the weeks pass by and the more and more behind you get.

Now I am a bit of a 'I've started, so I'll finish' kind of a girl, so I am going to see this through to the very bitter end.  Although in truth, I don't imagine the end will be that bitter.  As I said, a side project can be a very valuable, and perhaps, a very essential thing to have.

Looking for Richard Long, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2014
A side project, apart from your main day to day business that does not have to have an economic imperative as its primary goal, is a rather liberating thing.  That is not to say that within the confines of a brief and a budget that beautiful things cannot happen, it is just to say, that it is useful to have a little 'back boiler' project, bubbling along.  A little test-bed, a laboratory of sorts; where mistakes can happen and ideas can soar, slightly un-teathered, getting caught on branches and tangled up.

Weeks 13 and 14, Etsy Metal 3xR Challenge 2014, Cari-Jane Hakes
Already I can see how the discipline of the 3xR project will feed into to new collections and is generating new ideas which would otherwise lie untested, mouldering as scratchy sketched outlines on paper.

And so I propose a toast to the side-project!  Cheers!

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