Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Etsy Metal 3xR 2014 week 12

Me and earrings.  Well, we don't tend to get along.  Oh, but then I made these and I've decided, that perhaps, me and earrings, well, perhaps we do get along.  I've made a pair for me and a pair to be offered up to the big Etsy shop in the sky (which you can find here).

Split pod earrings in silver and gold leaf, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2014
These are neither stud or dangly which makes them practically perfect in every way. I've made the ear wire part of the spatial design of the piece.  Normally, ear wires hang around at the back and then they get nudged and nudged until they somehow manage to free themselves from your ear lobe and you are left bereft, lopsided with only half a set of earrings to your name.  It is a very sad state of affairs to find oneself in.

Split pod earrings, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2014
Now, with this design, you have to thread the ear wires through, twisting as you go, until they sit in place with a reassuring solidity.  Now, perhaps some very vigorous gymnastic type dancing COULD dislodge them, but I highly doubt it.

I've given the inside of each little pod a dash of gold leaf, just a smidgen, a small sprinkle, a smattering.  It's all the gold they need to glow with a kind of inner light.  Just beautiful, even if I do say so myself.

Split pod earrings, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2014
Now, if you'll excuse me, I must dash (I will dash at speed, but my earrings will stay put, you mark my words) and make some prototypes for Father's Day!

Split pod earrings dangling a perfect 'just over half an inch', Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2014


  1. What a cool design! I love it! They remind me of seed pods, which is fitting for Spring :)

  2. They do like seed pods, I love the simplicity of them.


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