Monday, April 21, 2014

A Mosaic for a Monday

A recurring palette of wild things with muted tones of ochre and blush; big landscapes and wide skies.  

I have plans in my sketchbook.  Small beginnings of new ideas.  Perhaps, perhaps....

1. winter light, 2. Stag ahead! (Explored 040314), 3. Le moulin de Quinard - Brittany's seascape, 4. spirals and hearts, 5. Untitled, 6. Got nuts?, 7. Lough Lomond Scotland, 8. Red Cuillins (3) Isle of Skye, 9. iron sky


  1. I love this set of images. LOVE. It just makes me want to escape north...north north north of here. Up past where you are, and over the border. I've been watching the bbc series ''coast'' lately and just want to go and hide on one of those northern islands for a few months with a sketch book and a camera!! Funny that you should post these images.

    1. I LOVE 'Coast' - it is a MOST excellent series, it just makes you want to go off on a good 'ol hike. And yes, here's to living on Orkney for a would be lovely!


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