Thursday, February 20, 2014

London Fashion Week, People by Marcus Dawes

When I turned 40 years young last year I decided I wasn't going to go quietly into my 4th decade. To this end, I have declined to clad myself in demure shades of camel and charcoal and have instead begun to accessories with raspberry and smurf blue!  I don't do this to draw attention to myself, this is not the primary aim, mostly I do it because it is a joyful addition to the sea of dark winter coats that I move through.  I do it in an evangelical way.  To spread the word of colour and hue.  And if it raises a wry smile from a passerby and brightens their day (even if it is only to laugh at me) then so much the better!

During London Fashion Week I felt perhaps like a small bird who had come home to roost for a while with other fowl of similar feather.

People by Marcus Dawes for The Daily
Thank you Marcus for taking my picture and making my day (bottom left corner).  I have to say, it was a most joyful start to Day 5 when I picked up my copy of 'The Daily'.  Mwah mwah darling, and see you next season.

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  1. I love your way of thinking! I realised recently that I have too many shades of navy sitting in my drawers. I could blame Winter, but I think it could use some bright colours and bold patterns to get rid of the gloom that usually follows. I love the spread that you were a part of, and I think that outfit was one of my favourites that you had tweeted :)


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