Friday, February 7, 2014

A Fabulous Friday Feeling

I know I often tag the Hybrid Handmade Husband's exploits onto the end of posts about what is happening on my workbench but on this occasion I thought I'd give him top billing - just this one time you understand, I'm not going to make a habit of it!

I do think talking at a Tedx event warrants a post of his very own!  The talk begins with some of the architectural projects we worked on together, before talking specifically about 'THE shoe'.

Enjoy mes amis!


  1. totally awesome! woot woot to J! you never told me that J was involved in the design of the Bunker Hill/Zachim bridge. Just said last night to G during the news when they were showing a shot....'I just love that bridge. It's so beautiful." and it really is. truly a wonderful addition to the city. and still, i just love the building in lancashire. have a great weekend my friend.

    1. I should clarify...we were only involved in the pedestrian bridges that run alongside the river edge! Julian didn't have much time to go through our architectural projects in much detail - you are not the only person to think that we were involved in the BIG one.

  2. BUT you were PART of it. really, it's a wonderful bridge and beautiful design (day or night).


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