Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Birthday Locket

I finished this locket off a couple of weeks back for a client that got in touch with me last year asking if I could modify my hydrangea petal and pearl memory 'locket' so that it could actually open, in the traditional sense of a locket, to accept a private picture of her beloved sons.

You may remember, I finished the prototype just before the end of the year (see here).  It is my client's birthday today so I know that I can reveal her locket here as she will probably be wearing it today!

Locket for Rebecca by Cari-Jane Hakes, February 2014
There is something very beautiful about a hidden interior in a piece of jewellery, a secret pocket into which hopes, dreams and memories are locked away.  A delicate exterior of wintered hydrangea petal is an effective shield.  A delicate pattern of veins (which brings to mind images of Venus fan coral) preserved in silver.  A hint that there is more to this piece than meets the eye is given with the pearl in its sheltered cylindrical housing.

I love the conceptual associations of the pearl and the way that these wrap around the aphorism 'pearls of wisdom'.  The way that an irritation, an impurity, an annoyance can be worked on to produce a thing of luminous beauty.  It is how we gain our wisdom after all.  Our trials and tribulations, the way in which we resolve the grit that is thrown our way, these become our pearls.

Can all of this be bound up in an inanimate piece of jewellery?  Yes, I think so.


  1. True words, though we often forget their wisdom as we battle day-to-day. Your design is quite lovely, Cari-Jane!

  2. an annoyance can be worked on to produce a thing of luminous beauty- i need to remember that................


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