Monday, December 16, 2013

Supbrooch, exhibition

Really rather honoured to have been picked from 138 entrants to be part of this exhibition which celebrates The Brooch, made for and worn exclusively by men.  A big thank you to Julian Hakes (aka 'The Hybrid Handmade Husband') who happily modelled my 'The Myth of the Aurora Borealis' brooch.

Supbrooch online exhibtion, December 2013, featuring work by Cari-Jane Hakes

To view the exhibition in its on-line format click here.  To view 'The Myth of the Aurora Borealis' click here.

Screen shot from the Supbrooch, One-Wall-Gallery site, December 2013

A big thank you to the jurors and organisers Cortland Dewitt and Sharon Massey.


  1. wow..some of them are somewhat, um, risque aren't they!! That's my inner prude talking - too long in the country away from the funky urban folk (he he).
    That said, I think yours is my favourite, although i do like the Gregory Orloff and Elizabeth Bailey Christenbury brooches too.

  2. Good for you.. I love Labradorite, it used to be one of my favourites to design for. Seasonal Greetings Cass x

  3. Congratulations! It is such an amazing exhibition.


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