Thursday, January 2, 2014

Engagement Stories

I imagine proposing to someone must be a little bit like setting a stone.  You plan, you prepare, you rehearse, you clean your workbench (well, maybe you don't do that if your proposing) and then you take a deep breath...

Engagement ring, white gold and topaz, Cari-Jane Hakes, December 2013

This beautiful ring has been a long time in planning.  It has been crafted and meticulously constructed with tenths of millimeters in mind.  It is a subtle combination of tradition, personality, love and is topped with a sprinkle of oceans, seas and all the wonders that lie beneath the horizon.

Engagement ring, white gold and topaz, Cari-Jane Hakes, December 2013

A 9ct white gold band set with a 4mm London blue topaz and engraved with the line of an ocean wave.

I journeyed into the Old Town to find a new engraver and found the most delightful man, 79 years young, who had been practicing the discipline of engraving since he was 15 years old.  We talked for longer than the time it took him to skilfully trace the line (that I had roughly scribbled on masking tape) into the body of the band.  I left with a head full of tales of ships bells and golfing holidays to the continent.  A man so happy in his work that he hasn't thought about retiring yet.

Dennis, in the Old Town, surrounded by a sea of gravers!

It was a pleasure and an honour to be asked to make such an important piece.  Many many big congratulations from me to the happy couple.

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  1. I loved hearing about your engraver. Sounds like my kind of experience. Old craftsman are amazing finds!


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