Friday, November 29, 2013

Sup Brooch - final images for 'The Myth of The Aurora Borealis'

Following on from Work in Progress post last week (which you can see here) I thought you would like to see the final pictures for this piece and the Sup Brooch submission which was sent off last week.

'The Myth of The Aurora Borealis' , Brooch, plan view, November 2013 by Cari-Jane Hakes
Again, luckily the Hybrid Handmade Husband was on hand to stand in as my model.  I think he did a good job!

Brooch, worn by Julian Hakes, November 2013
'The Myth of The Aurora Borealis' Brooch, landscape view, November 2013, Cari-Jane Hakes
Goodness, I have some exciting commissions to work on at the moment.  More on those next week mes amis - until then Bon Weekend!

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