Monday, October 21, 2013

Emerald Pools, a rock pool ring for Andrea

What began here with a sketch and a little bit of musing with a few card models thrown in for good measure has become this:

Emerald Pools, a rock pool ring for Andrea
These fragile vintage emeralds were set very very carefully in tiny silver tubes.  They have a lovely dusky cloudiness to them.  They have travelled far and bear the marks of perhaps being set in some other creation, from another time.

Emerald Pools, rock pool ring for Andrea
I didn't want to carve away much of the tube once it had been bent over to set the stones.  They are securely cushioned in their new incarnation.  Floating in a seaweed pool, shimmering just below the surface.

Side view, Emerald Pools ring, sterling silver, patinated, hand fabricated, tube set vintage emeralds by Cari-Jane Hakes 2013
One more trip to London and back for this piece, to get hallmarked before it can be sent to its owner.  These stones have traveled from the southern to the northern hemisphere and soon they will travel back.  Something tells me though, that this ring is in for a treat, I'm sure it will get taken on a great many adventures and travels in the years to come!


  1. How do you make the little round balls on it

    1. by melting the silver, it naturally turns in on itself to create a shape with the smallest surface area when molten

  2. I know the previous owner of the stones bought then in Dubai, previously they could have been anywhere in the world. Exciting to see this project come to fruition. Looks beautiful. X


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