Thursday, October 3, 2013

Downton Abbey - the finished piece

After much cutting and sanding and buffing and soldering and re-soldering and threading through the tricky ball chain that really didn't want to be threaded through...the piece was finished.

"I am a Lady Mary. I can be as contrary as I like."  Downton Abbey necklace, worn, October 2013

The ball chain drapes really well.  I've used two different diameters of chain; the larger of the two is a continuous piece that threads through the lace ellipse.  When worn, this chain moves around slightly inside the void, running up and down a few links as you turn and move.

Tiny handmade brooch fittings are soldered to the back of two larger components so that the composition and drape of the ball chain 'pearls' can be fixed.  Perhaps this piece could more accurately be described as two connected brooches.

I am really pleased to have found a use for my friend's handmade lace.  I remember at the time she explained how many hours and hours had gone into the painstaking pining and knotting and weaving of the minute threads which made up this tiny scrap of material.  I deliberately placed this material so the hanging threads would be seen on the imprint in the silver.  Conceptually, the unravelling of the lace suits the piece perfectly.  These threads then lead into the two strands of ball chain hanging down from the bottom of the lace ellipse.

Thank you to Etsy Metal for setting the challenge.  Time to start thinking about the next one!

But before that I have some important stones to set for an important client!


  1. I especially love the way the differen guaget ball chains interact with the brooches... nicely done...

    Patti Cruickshank-Schott

  2. That is really pretty! I love the quote on the back.


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