Tuesday, October 29, 2013

1 year on, or, 'what I caught in my net'

A year ago this week we bundled up our little family and packed all the things that were vital for living (tools, lego...) into a big metal trailer and moved across Europe.  From France to a little island called Great Britain.

A year ago today I came to see the house that is now my home.

Over the year, I've watched the light fade into a blue hum that signified a coming winter colder than I'd known in a long long time.  Then I've watched it lengthen and creep into the various corners of the house and light up the details (and dust) that I hadn't noticed before.

Over time I've ventured out from this place in ever increasing loops, running up the dales, measuring the land with my stride and keeping time, not looking back until, up on the top the whole landscape rolls out and away, eventually dissolving into the bright streak of wide river.

I still go on 'fishing' trips with my camera.  The haul is somewhat different from France. The light is often quieter here.  The time is often a little more rushed.  I have to look more carefully, more deliberately.

A year ago today it was raining and this house was someone else's house filled with 40 years worth of another family's memories, traditions and life.

A year on, the sun is brightly shining and I'm wondering, after never living anywhere for longer than 5 years, if this is the place that might hold on to me a little tighter, a little longer. Perhaps, perhaps...


  1. I can't believe it's a year already. How time does indeed fly.

    You seem to have adjusted to your new surroundings, different than France, but still a place to call home.

  2. Wow! I can't believe it has been a year since your big move, and so much in between too :)

  3. It certainly has flown. My goodness, I remember to posts of packing up! Meanwhile, 5 years, I'm wondering something similar. We are on our 5th year right now, and there have been murmerings...we have itchy feet and are both settled and unsettled.

    It seems like your current location offers up its own beauty. The thing that strikes me more about your change in countries is the change in pace...there seem to be more big goings on in your life now than the quiet pace of france? or no?

  4. I've been wondering that too Andrea ! I look at my dwindelling posts and wonder how I had the time to post so regularly before :(

  5. Wow-how time flies Cari-Jane. I think blog posts are just great when they feel right to be done. Yours are always worth waiting for! We have itchy feet too-7 years here and our friends have just bought the most amazing warehouse in Somerset. Are we brave enough for one last big move like that??!! xx


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