Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Horizons part 6 - new 'local' beach

It's taken me a while to find my feet in this new terrain, settling into a new landscape, learning new customs, adopting traditions.  But I'm happy to report, I've found my new 'local' beach.  I don't need to search anymore.  I have indeed found the perfect balance of rock and wildness.  Other trips to the edge of this new coast have failed to impress me.  The beaches have been surrounded by towns.  The sand and the waves always felt contained and artificial in someway.  The wild landscape had been codified in these places, it had lost its edge, subservient on the surface to stone and concrete.

But this place.  Well, this place was different.  The wildness has kept its edge.  It hasn't been contained. The towns and the cities have not reached this place.

A quick scramble down steep cliffs gave way to a myriad of limestone inlets, peppered with caves and carpeted with pebbles.

Perfect pebbles are few and far between.  They need to be a certain shape and a certain depth if they are to be incorporated into a silver lining.

Pebble hunting, 22 September 2013
With my pockets weighed down with treasure, we explored the caves, venturing in as deep as we dared,

before climbing back up and out of this secret coastal world and into the windswept and ochre sprinkled with white.

'Love is All You Need'


  1. girl, you need to take a cue from the lads next time if you've going caving and wear your wellies!

    leave it to you to find a heart carved in limestone. wonderful!

  2. Looks like the beaches of my childhood! I can very much relate to this sort of place


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