Tuesday, September 24, 2013

London Fashion Week - Stylish Neighbours

In between and round the edges of all the hard work there was a chance to talk a little with my fellow exhibitors.  And what a stylish, international and generally all round fabulous bunch they were!

First up, the girls from Gothenburg Boots, led by Tatyana O'Cuinn (a co-founder along with Viktoria Kozyulko).  They were such a beautiful bunch of booted sparkling people with goodness knows how many languages between them.  With so many international business visitors to London Fashion Week, I really thought this gave their brand great representation.

Gothenburg Boots,  The Rianna Boot
Gothenburg Boots evolved out of the frustration that Viktoria and Tatyana felt when they were faced with rainy weather and nothing stylish and waterproof to wear on their feet!  You can find out more about Gothenburg Boots by visiting their website http://gothenburgboots.com.

It was an honour to also share the show space with the magical shoes designed by the über talented Zoe Lee.  Her spring/sumer 2014 collection was a shimmering array of subtle muted metallic and blushed colours.  I loved all the beautiful materials and tiny details in Zoe's work; from the printed suede and meshes to the grosgrain trims.

Zoe Lee, image taken from SS 2013 collection
There is a considered gracefulness to all of Zoe's designs.  She is a designer where the 'Less is More' edict definitely applies; over designing and fussy details are out.  Such restraint allows the carefully chosen palette of materials and the silhouette of each shoe to shine through.  You can find out more about her work on her website http://zoelee.co.uk/home/.


  1. Now I LOVE my lobster print wellies (which need replacing) but I have thought that myself..........and I'm talking beyond the houndstooth wellies that I want. Those are the prettiest wellies ever. AND those shoes.............swoon. gorgeous. even the strap. you must have been in design heaven.

    1. And the great thing about those boots is that you can buy more 'cuffs'! You should have seen the look on some of the people's faces when they came into our room...just a look of surprise and 'oh! let me get my hands on all of this!'. That was really lovely to watch.

  2. Now that zoe lee shoe deserves an elegant foot-I should say no bunions allowed!! Beautiful elegant simplicity indeed


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