Monday, September 23, 2013

London Fashion Week Diary

Sunday, day 3 of London Fashion Week, started off in a quiet reserved way.  Walking through the streets of London to get to Somerset House early on a Sunday morning in the sunshine was lovely.  The city was all hushed up and tucked up.  I almost had the place to myself.

Somerset House, 15 September 2013
I decided it was time to ditch my uniform of grey and black and wear something that clashed with ALL of the Julian Hakes London collection!

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I proudly wore my Sketchinc Stag brooch which was admired a fair few fashionistas!  Hand made by Becky Kemp, you can find out more about this talented fellow Etsyian on her blog

Geometric Neon Stag Head by Sketchinc on Etsy
And then I had what can only be described as a 'Fashion Moment' when Zandra Rhodes, a very well respected and established textile and fashion designer, dropped by to say 'hello'.  Julian has been working with her on a possible collaboration and I was really touched that she had found the time to seek us out in the showrooms.

Zandra Rhodes, Andrew Logan and Karen Youdell drop by to say 'hello'
Zandra is pictured here with her friend, fellow artist and collaborator, Andrew Logan (more on his work here) who kindly invited me to an autumn sale of his work the following week in The Glasshouse, Melior Place, London.  To the far right is Karen Youdell of Inhouse Enterprises who also works with Zandra.

I felt rather glad to have picked my mustard yellow dress / peachy pink scarf / lime green shoe combination - I was in good (colourful) company!

Elsewhere, the Hybrid Handmade Husband was busy in Milan preparing for the Vogue awards proving decisively that it is indeed impossible to be in two places at once.  Just as well he's got me then.

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  1. Good day for a colourful outfit... one day, i will be brave enough for Zandra hair! cx


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