Friday, September 20, 2013

London Fashion Week Diary

London Fashion Week is done and dusted for another 6 months.  It was a whole lot of hard work wrapped up in some fun and frivolity.

For people watchers and photographers it was pure theater.  There weren't many people who just threw on an outfit!  Somerset House became a flocking point for these colourful fashion birds; dressed in their finery, and their costumes.  It was a beautiful and entertaining thing to behold.

I had a brief chat with Simon McGill, a hard working photographer who would already be installed in the grounds of Somerset House, working away, when I arrived each day.  Upon leaving, when the showrooms were closed and my working day was done, Simon was STILL there!  Braving the inclement London weather with a stiff upper lip I should imagine.  I recommend checking out his photo stream on flickr here if you want to get a feel for the amazing range of 'street style' outfits that were parading outside the runway tents.

London Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2014 - Day 5, Somerset House, 17 September 2013
London Fashion Week Spring/Sumer 2014, Day 5, Somerset House, 17 September 2013
by Simon McGill on flickr (click here)
While I was left to set up the Julian Hakes London space on Friday, by Saturday the man himself had flown in for a day between shows in Dusseldorf and Milan!

Team Hakes at London Fashion Week, Day 2, 14 September 2014
Ethical womanswear and accessories designer Ada Zanditon paid us a quick visit.  She was exhibiting her new collection in the the Estethica zone in the west wing of Somerset House.  Ada has used Julian's shoes in several runway presentations and was happy to strike a pose in the new Mojito bootie.

Ada Zanditon testing the new Mojito bootie by Julian Hakes wearing a hat by Mich Dulce
You can find out more about Ada's work by visiting her website  She has just had this beautiful video shot of her Spring Summer 2014 collection. For more on the rather striking hat worn by Ada, visit Mich Dulce's website

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and hand deliver a very important jewellery commission.  More on London Fashion Week later mes amis.  Bon Weekend to you all.


  1. love your spot by the windows! how you guys score that? must have been a blast........and over too soon for all the hard work. nice that j was able to at least squeeze in a visit. busy busy mdme. great video.

    happy friday.

    1. It was great fun AND hard work. A good combination I would say.

  2. Speaking of jewellery commissions, some silver work in progress is er jetting its way over to you...;)

    1. Great! I'm itching to get those stones set for you. It's going to be so very pretty!


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