Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hybrid Handmade Weddings

Fresh off the workbench this week - this set of cuff links (for him) and necklace (for her) using leaves from the flowers used in the wedding celebrations.

I've been developing a technique to make recycled silver sheet.  I've used this for the cuff links.  It has a particularly rugged, robust feel to it which was perfect for this commission.

A July Wedding 2013, cuff links and necklace by Cari-Jane Hakes
Good memories from a great day, preserved and pressed and ready to be taken by the couple into their future.


  1. love this idea of a permanent reminder.

    big jaffa.........glad it's already got a name. now i know what i need to put on the xmas list.

    love your sketchbook.....and you learn something new every day. never heard of coracle. but i like it too. i'll do my sketchbook posts one of these days too......mine is much rougher than yours but i did have fun putting it together. hoping to be more on the ball next year.

    missed ya, hope you enjoyed your time away. every girl needs it for sanity's sake.

  2. What a beautiful idea! You work looks fantastic, as always :)


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