Friday, August 2, 2013

The Sketchbook Project 2013 - beyond the front cover

Perhaps I am committing a blogging 'no-no' but whilst on holiday I had a distinct lack of access to any form of internet.  A certain degree of disconnectedness is indeed a luxury, however, I am slightly perturbed as to the emptiness of the August folder on the Blogger sidebar.  And so, I am travelling back through blogosphere time to deposit a few posts.

Front and Back covers
Amongst other things, I took my Sketchbook Project with me on holiday. I took it with me the last time I went away (see here) so it seemed apt, given the title, that it should come along for the ride again.

Inside cover and page 3
I decided to leave Cedric out of this one.  Instead, the narrative centers on two people and the imaginary (or is it real?) journey that they take.

I wonder where they will go?

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