Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Wedding Season!

I've just finished this beautiful commission to make a necklace and cuff links to commemorate a happy couple's wedding day.  I've done a fair few of these for various clients and friends but no two are the same and each project has its challenges and design issues to consider and work out.

Leaf cuff links, July 2013, Cari-Jane Hakes
For the cuff links, I took a dried, pressed leaf, that was plucked from the wedding bouquet by my client, and rolled it into the silver.  Cutting the silver in half gave me the pieces I needed for each cuff link.  With the patination my aim is always to make the botanical print look photographic. It worked particularly well this time.

Cuff Links, detail, July 2013, Cari-Jane Hakes
For the necklace there were a number of pressed flowers I could have used but I picked this one as it looked like it would transfer well into the silver (some soft petals just don't have enough fiber in them to make an indentation in the silver).

Necklace, July 2013, Cari-Jane Hakes
I always imagine that these must be lovely gifts to receive.  By virtue of the fact that they use flowers and leaves from the wedding day, they have to be presented after the spectacle of the big day has long died down.  And then, out of the blue, a little something arrives that perfectly preserves something fragile and fleeting from that important day.  A silver imprinted memory to take into the future and a bit of the wedding day that you can wear everyday.


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