Friday, May 10, 2013

A Scottish 'Fishing' Trip

It was high time I went 'home' and so I took the train from here to there and caught a few things along the way.

Distant topography along the east coast, Scotland, May 2013
I snapped a few views from the train window and wondered if the sky was in fact different, or was I just imagining it.  The visit was over so quickly it feels like it might have all been a dream!

River Dee, Scotland, May 2013
There were bigger spaces between things and there was a quietness that almost seemed 'loud'.

Haar (fog) rainbow, Scotland, May 2013

I managed to gather and glean a few treasures for an important commission.

I spotted this lichen wafting on a Highland breeze.  It really is rather remarkable.

A Really Rather Remarkable Thing, May 2013

I have preparations today for another private commission today and then a little gallery visit to see my good friend and fellow Etsyian, Alexandra  (you can find her Etsy shop here and her website here).

Here's to all your weekend plans mes amis!  May they all be 'rather remarkable'.


  1. It's Mother's Day here in Australia - so I'm hoping for remarkable too. Pleased to spend it as a mother, AND with my mother. Beautiful post, merci a toi. xxx Mrs L

  2. I just love that first picture. the water, the sky/cloud. it's all so immense.

    how wonderful....a gallery show for a friend. her work is lovely.

    enjoy the weekend

  3. What beautiful photos! I'm getting really excited to see your sketches and concepts. I will definitely be sharing these photos with my Mom when the time comes :)


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