Monday, April 29, 2013

The Proverbial Brooch - Part 2

The resin is in and has hardened.

Prototype - The Proverbial Brooch, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2013
An interesting array of micro bubbles have peppered the interior.  I am unsure if this adds or detracts from the composition.  It is the first resin pour I have done in a while (the last one I did was for a student project some time ago).

Prototype - The Proverbial Brooch, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2013
Now I am constantly thinking 'hmm, I wonder if I could encapsulate that?' as I hold small specimens of twig or petal aloft.

What would you preserve in resin?


  1. Flowering Linchen would be my choice...

  2. After my Gramps (my gramps from Yorkshire) died, I came to have a necklace he had made. He had cut out the indian head from an early indian head nickle and encased it in resin.

    It came off my neck at a dance and it was never to be seen again. I cried because it meant so much to me. It still makes me sad that I lost it. Now, that said I'm not sure encasing a new one would mean the same.

    Something totally different perhaps............lilac blooms. Not sure they'd be sturdy enough to hold up the resin though.


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