Friday, April 26, 2013

Of Land And Sea And All That Rests In-between

Rock pools are rather magnificent things, don't you think? A teeny tiny territory that is so often submerged and out of reach until the shift and tumble of the moon sucks the tidal waters out a little further.  And then, oh, the aquatic treasures and shiny hidden secrets that are revealed!

I held all of this and more in my mind as I crafted this little rock pool from silver sheet.  I added tiny details of plants from the land and pondered on those spaces in-between.  Liminal zones of temporary inhabitation and invasion.

I poured the resin in and waited and waited for it to harden.  The result has a kind of suspended luminosity.  It is a rather mesmerising piece.  I have to keep holding in my hand just to feel its weight and peer into its captured stillness.

branch detail from 'Of Land And Sea And All That Rests In-between' necklace, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2013
I added this little 'branch' to represent the Land and imprinted the back with a hydrangea petal, a texture which I find perfectly fits onto a circle and has the look of fan coral about it.

detail of back face of pendant, Cari-Jane Hakes, April 2013
I rather like the ambiguity therefore of this hydrangea petal texture.  It could be from the land or it could be from the sea.

I have actually used a rather beautiful lichen to rest within the 'pool', again, playing with the idea of Land and Sea.

Finally, I've added a little customisable brass disc to be punched with the initial of whomever claims this little perfect pool for themselves!

Elsewhere, the Hybrid Handmade Husband has been hard at work creating a pair of 'Iron Man' mojito shoes (as you do).  And yes, that is an 'arc reactor' in the heel in case you were wondering.  They were unveiled at the London premier of the film last week.

Julian Hakes London, Mojito shoe with Disney/Marvel for Iron Man 3 

Bon Weekend mes amis!


  1. Wow, that necklace is gorgeous, what a fab idea! Your Husband's shoes are crazy. Brilliant, but crazy ;o)


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