Monday, March 4, 2013

Before Pinterest....

Before there was Pinterest there were pinboards.  I still use mine, I'm old fashioned like that.  Here they are in their current incarnation.

Workspace and pinboards, March 2013, Cari-Jane Hakes
Here's to the start of a new week!


  1. so true, isn't it........we actually used to pin things on bulletin boards. I still have some in my office too......not that I don't love pinterest, because i do.

  2. Maybe we should do a share your board....?

  3. Hello, I found you in facebook and although I liked you through there I thought it would be nice to follow you here too and leave you a message. I think your work is beautiful. So you have now a new follower from Spain :)

  4. Mood boards are just the best Cari-Jane! Love the shot of your workbench! :-)


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