Friday, February 15, 2013

What I caught in my 'net'

I have to look harder.  The landscape is familiar, although it is new.  It has the same tone and light of places I have been and places I have lived and so, I have to look harder for the small beauties.  If I don't stop to listen, if I don't stop and just stand for a little while I miss it all.

And these treasures I search for are tiny temporal things.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  I have to catch them while I can, net them in, gather them up and preserve them in light and pixel.  Perhaps later they will weave through my sketches and thoughts whilst at my workbench.

Today, I found patterns made from different qualities of line.  I bleached out the colour so I could just see the positive and negative.  I screw up my eyes so I can better appreciate where the dark and the light rest.

Elsewhere, the lichen caught my attention with its emerald green and extra terrestrial suckers.  Quite magnificent really.  So much so I had to glean small bits of it to bring home.

A big thanks to Pam over on Mercantile Muse.  She interviewed me recently for her new series - In Residence.  She asked me some great questions, she asked me some questions I had to think about for a while and she asked me some questions that got me thinking about things I haven't thought about in a long time.

Pam has created a great blog community over on here site - in particular - she is a great host and throws excellent 'parties'.  If you have a blog or online shop your invited to link up here.  Pam's parties are great for meeting other bloggers and artists.  I highly recommend them!

Happy weekending mes amis!  Here's hoping you find beauty in unexpected, overlooked familiar places.

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  1. I just went over and read the great interview on Mercantile Muse-excellent! Cx


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