Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I caught in my 'net' - or New Horizons part 3

I can't think of a more appropriate way to start 2013!  Happy New Year mes amis! Goodness, 2012 was epic, exhausting and exciting.  I do declare there will not be another one quite like it.

As the visitors recede and the last of the mammoth meals is cooked, a part of me feels ready to start work, although, the other part of me, if I'm honest, is happy to stay adrift on this little holiday boat a little longer.  It is a rather relaxed flotilla here, where one forgets what day of the week it is and returning to bed after breakfast is de rigueur!

In amongst all the freestyle floating I have been out with my 'net'.  I'm beginning to find my footing in these new wild places.  Here is what I caught...

New Horizons part 3, Cari-Jane Hakes, January 2013
I'm not entirely sure how the farmers keep these hedgerows quite so regimental but they make for a stunningly contrasted horizon.

Elsewhere, I'm getting used to my new 'neighbours', they are mostly of the mossy and green variety.

Here's to all the future fishing trips of 2013, I hope you'll come along with me, I reckon the haul this year could be pretty interesting!  Onwards and Upwards mes amis!

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  1. Ah........yes, perfect way to welcome 2013. I always love seeing what you caught in your net and am enjoying your new horizons. Peace to you my friend.


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