Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Sketchbook Project

What with all the moving house and relocating from mainland Europe to the teeny tiny British Isles I completely missed out on signing up for the Art House Co-op's 2013 Sketchbook Project.  I was happily involved in the 2011 and 2012 Sketchbook Projects (see here) so I was VERY pleased to see an email in my inbox announcing a new project.

The Sketchbook Stories from Art House Co-op on Vimeo.

This time, you sign up for a specific tour, I've chosen the '1703 Miles and Back' tour, it was either that or the 'Capes, Masks and Tights' tour! You can see the full list here.

As the little boy in the film says 'there's no mistakes in drawing'.  I'm really looking forward to my book arriving - in the meantime I shall be dreaming up a new narrative to fit this new theme.

Which one would you choose?


  1. I've totally been thinking about this as I knew it was time for you to pick again and my friend Asheleigh of Blue Oisseau Photography on Etsy is also doing a sketchbook this year. Might be time for me to bite the bullet!

  2. what a cute cool and savvy little boy
    happy drawing & creating cari
    x ... ****

  3. ok, I'm in.

    I picked the same tour as you. More time to create, especially since it's my first one.

    I'm EXITED!!! thanks for the shove.

  4. Oh how cool is this!! I bet we could get a whole gang of us....c'mon know you want to :)


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