Sunday, January 6, 2013

More beautiful houses

I must say, I am rather happily tucked up in my house.  There is swirling fog and all manner of mist rolling in from all over the place today.  And even though my hunt for a place to call 'home' is over, I keep seeing houses everywhere on my daily roam through the beautiful pages of the internet!

For starters - how about these rather fabulous little driftwood creations by Kirsty Elson.

Cottages On The Beach by Kirsty Elson (click here for details)
If you want to find out more about Kirsty's work click on the links above to visit her website or watch this short vimeo film by Studio Wallop.

Kirsty Elson Designs from Stephen Tolfrey on Vimeo.

Elsewhere, I found these delicate little bird houses by Studio Ditte from Netherlands.

They have a totally darling webshop (I don't normally use this word, ever, but in this case 'darling' is so totally appropriate, I just HAD to use it, please forgive me) which you can find here where you will find all manner of lovely things.

And finally, I have this little offering from La Maison de Pompon.  Oh, I have a thing for porcelain. I do declare that this may very well be 'darling' too.  It's the gold stars that do it.  'Tis most beautiful, mais non?

I hope you too are having a lovely restful housy sort of Sunday too.  I think it's going to get rather busy soon, don't you think?  We are going to need all the rest we can get.  So don't feel guilty, just put the kettle on and have another cup of tea, and some cake.


  1. oh my. i agree. that little porcelain house with the gold stars. swoon.

  2. The houses arejust gorgeous-thanks so much for sharing Cari-Jane! x


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