Saturday, January 19, 2013

Landscape as Drawing

Against the winter sky, which is a muted gathering of blues and cool greys, the landscape looks drawn.   The fine graphite lines; some scribbled and others rendered in sweeping gentle arcs caused me to catch my breath and left me fumbling, numb handed, for my camera.

Winter makes the landscape elemental.  The structure and bones of the place are laid bare, open to scrutiny.  There is no fluff or frolic of leaves and petals, instead, there is just pure line, tone, weight and rhythm.

With the snow I can clearly see the lie of the land, the subtle shifts of gradient and camber up here on the tops of the dales.  Behind me the hum and twinkle of habitation but before me just purity and line.

I did find one tiny scrap of vibrant colour.  A discarded pheasant feather (I think) tangled up in the undergrowth.  He must have been in a hurry, looking in vain for a place to hide.

There is more snow on the way.  I for one, can't wait for a further dusting down of this most marvellous stuff.

I hope you are all loving your weather - whatever weather it may be.  And remember, there is no such thing as bad weather....only bad clothing!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you're getting some snow. what a perfect way to enjoy your new home your first winter there.

    it was quite magical here this week too.

    fairy dust, sparkling everywhere.


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