Friday, January 11, 2013

A Fabulous Friday Feeling

A really rather remarkable thing happened this week.  A little parcel arrived, all the way from Australia (it still amazes me that one can deposit things into the international mail system on one side of the world, and hey presto, they arrive on the other side of the world).

Inside, some lovely Australian pebbles!  Thank you Andrea of Strong Southerly!

Oh, there are some good ones in here (well, they are ALL good, I don't really want to single any particular one out for specific praise as they all have their own special qualities, and I wouldn't want to upset them, they have come an awfully long way after all).

These ones are now resting in with my French pebbles.  I wonder what they make of each other?  I'm guessing quite a lot will be lost in translation between them - but I'm sure that somehow they will be able to exchange their travelling tales.

Each one is a rather fascinating little microcosm of delicate details, subtle gradations of hue or can just be appreciated for its simple pleasing shape.  All of which adds up to a really rather remarkable thing.

Which one is your favourite?

1 comment:

  1. Lovely pebbles! A long time since I've been wandering along my beach now I think of it. I'll be back on those shores, scouring for treasures soon. Meantime, I think the timing of the arrival of the pebbles from Andrea is serendipitous! Don't worry about them getting along, surely the French and Australians have a marvellous ability to blend together! Mrs L x


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