Saturday, December 15, 2012

What I caught in my new net.

There is a little part of my northern soul that is singing a little louder at the moment.  The dark afternoon hours are sparkled and sprinkled with twinkling fairy lights.  They are springing up everywhere and they just make the dark even more lovely.

As the temperature dropped and dropped this week I watched as frost grew on frost until the landscape looked as if it were in fact covered in a light dusting of snow.  It stayed all day.  There was no 'melting in the rising sun' kind of a frost, oh no, this stuff was in for the long haul.

People would remark to me 'oh, you must find this cold after France' and I would just smile and proudly proclaim of my even more northerly latitudinal origin.  The frost warms my heart and makes me feel 'at home'.

There is so much beauty and light.  I have to believe on a day like today, with the news of such atrocities and so many lives lost that somehow there is more good than bad in this world.  That the beauty outweighs the bad so many times over, for if it was not so I don't know how we could all go on.

I can't fathom the loss.  All I can do is cry with them.

1 comment:

  1. that's all that you can think today. that there IS more good than bad.

    i missed you my friend, and I've missed what you caught in your net. always a wonderful moment of reprise.


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