Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not au revoir but à bientôt

The time has come to move the little Hakes Herd onto pastures new.  There is a certain sadness and anxiety that seems to get packed into all the boxes.  The last few days have hovered with unsaid thoughts in parenthesis (this is the last time I will do this), (this is the last time I will see this place like this).

The Sketchbook Project 2011, Pages 6 and 7
I was writing to a dear friend this week, explaining how the uprooting is for the best and yet it is painful.  Bits of the roots get left behind, deep in the earth, unseen.  The wrench and tear is unsettling, makes one question reasoning, decisions and logic.

The Sketchbook Project 2011, Pages 28 and 29
I've been remembering the sketchbook that I did for the Art House Sketchbook Project 2011 (you can see it online here).  In the sketchbook I was given as part of the 2011 project I illustrated a little girl and her stuffed newt, Cedric, and told a story.  A story about the search for a place to call Home.

The Sketchbook Project 2011, Pages 68 and 69
With scissors, brown parcel tape and bubble wrap in hand I wonder about our new home.  I wonder about the colour of the light in this new place we have yet to find.  I wonder about the new places we will discover, new wild places, new shorelines.

The Sketchbook Project 2011, Pages 52 and 53
Expect a somewhat intermittent service here on the Hybrid Handmade blog and some periods of radio silence.  On wards and up wards mes amis!

The Sketchbook Project 2011, Pages 24 and 25


  1. I wish you and your family the best in your next "pasture", Cari-Jane. I shall patiently await your missives as they appear. Change is indeed good, but its delicious mystery is sprinkled with fearful moments. Hope yours are all fleeting!

  2. All the best with the packing and heading off into new adventures! Can't wait to hear all about it. Love the idea of the Sketchbook Project.

  3. So glad to see the can of baked beans went into your grand fathers leather suitcase Cari-Jane!All the best for your move.

  4. So reassuring to get this today... as I am in search of a new place to call home as well... I have that page from your Sketchbook as the cover of one of my pinterest boards - ideas for awayhome... I need to stop and take your words to heart as I begin to move forward....

    ...after a few stretches... is very good advice indeed...

    may you be well.... and open.... à bientôt, lovely one.... Patti


  5. Love your sketchbook cari-Jane. I've just signed up for the project and I'm so excited! Enjoy your new home-a little scary but mainly so exciting! Cx

  6. Ah, the moving thing. And so it is time again.....I don't know that it ever stops cari. We are looking at a move too in the middle of next year. Not so far as you, but still there will be the sorting and the packing, and the realising of how much STUFF one can accumulate. I guess that is the best of the moving thing - the renewal that comes with packing (and tossing out) and starting fresh. I hope you find as much inspiration in your new spot, wherever it is, and look forward to the new themes that will no doubt appear in this diary of yours.

  7. I too am in the process of a move. It is a big step because I'm moving in with my boyfriend on the other side of the city (LA is incredibly spread out - I'll be on the West Side now, away from all my friends ...). I understand how you can get a little weepy thinking about what you are leaving behind but you have made a mark on that place as it has most certainly marked you... Best of luck and looking forward to hearing from you in your new home!

  8. i've been thinking of you a lot. it's always a big change, but all the wonderful things have yet to reveal themselves. i'm sure it will have a way of easing some of the moments with heavy hearts for the little corner of the world you've most recently called home. wishing you safe travels and a new corner with the best kind of light to call 'home', soon. be well my friend.


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