Thursday, September 13, 2012


We found two empty nests yesterday.  Beautifully and carefully made by proud, expectant parents.  Woven and gathered and arranged.  The babies have long since flown and so we were able to dislodge them from the branches of the hedge we were trimming to get a closer look.

The 'big' nest, September 2012, Cari-Jane Hakes
Incidentally, I have just finished making my own portable nest/scarf.  It is coming in very handy as the edges of each day are becoming progressively tinged with a haunting blue soft chill.  I first saw this nest/scarf on Pinterest and decided immediately that I would have to make one for myself.

You can find the pattern for it on the Purl Bee website by clicking here.  I actually adapted the pattern so that I could use a 7mm circular knitting needle and some Debbie Bliss 100% cotton dk yarn that I already had (colour 13047).  I only made my 'nest' 9 inches wide (and not 14 inches wide as the pattern suggests) because I ran out of yarn!  Hence why my 'nest' is not as slouchy as the one on the Purlbee's website.

Big nest and knitted 'nest/scarf', September 2012
The big nest and the big Submarine Ring, September 2012, Cari-Jane Hakes
The second nest we found had a whole different kind of poetry about it.

Small nest, September 2012, Cari-Jane Hakes
Inside the Hybrid Handmade Home I've also been doing some larger scale nesting.  There is something very lovely about rearranging precious things - I do believe some of my happiest times as a child were in my room, changing everything around, packing and unpacking, weaving, gathering and arranging.

Hybrid Handmade Home, September nesting 2012, Cari-Jane Hakes
There!  Now I've got my nest all straightened out - time to get to work!  I have a running stag and purple heather coloured beads that have been demanding I make them into something.  I suppose I should oblige them!


  1. OOooh I just love bird nests... the little one is so beautiful and cosy. I keep a bag to put bobbly bits into for the birds to use each spring. Isn't nature just fabulous!!

    1. have you ever found a nest with some of your bit and bobs woven into it? Maybe I'll start leaving some neon pink wool around next spring and see where it ends up.

  2. when i saw the title of this post
    i thought you were about to say
    you were pregnant! ...
    [still see you have been knitting:
    job well done]
    i too love the smaller nest/the best
    happy days creating x ... ***

    1. sorry to have alarmed you Linda! No, just in a constant state of nesting (or maybe it should just be called 'tidying') - I just never really know how long I will be here, there or anywhere so I guess I try to bed things in, gather and weave them in tight.
      I love knitting - think I might have to make another for the hybrid handmade husband (in a dark manly husbandy kind of colour and NOT bright scarlet/orangey)

  3. i know you never would have guessed it, but i too am a bird's nest collector.

    lovely nesting scarf. one thing i do love about colder weather is scarves. btw, is there anything you 'don't' do? just wondering.

    1. I have 5 in my collection now! Oh, and Pam, there are plenty of things I don't do - golf, crochet, and pastry (i just buy it ready made....I know, I know I could but I just don't)


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