Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happiness is...

Tomorrow is the last day of Pam's Photography Challenge.  Click on over to The Muse to see what we have been up to.

Throughout this challenge I have had to keep track of the deadlines for each topic in my diary, 'send sky high' 'send dark of night' 'send colour of love' have been scribbled in amongst other appointments and happenings.  For tomorrows challenge I wrote 'send happiness'.  I liked how that looked.  And for me, that is largely how I see the internet and all its associated mechanisms, be it through blogs, Pinterest or Facebook.   I generally post and write about all that makes me happy.  I seek out all the things that are beautiful, clever and wise.  The people I meet in this place also fall into that category.

For the 'Happiness is..' topic on day 12 of Pam's list I thought I might shoot something with depth and philosophical meaning.  Then I sliced into one of my fresh picked tomatoes from the vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden and smiled.  My boys thought it was funny too and demanded I took a photograph before I ate it.  So I did.

Day 12 of The Mercantile Muse's Photography Challenge, 'Happiness is'
Elsewhere today, the Hybrid Handmade Atelier is back up and running after a quick jaunt to the hardware shop in the next village to purchase some very essential butane gas.  I rather like the quizzical looks I get as I fill my basket with hefty plumbers canisters and other such things. "Ce qui  se fait Madame?"  It is rather fun being a slightly curious foreign person here in France.  That makes me happy too.


  1. This is amazing!! I thoroughly concur. cx

  2. I LOVE the way you described your last entry reminder and how it relates to this place we call the world wide web. I've been quite happy to receive these little 'photo gifts' in my inbox for the last few weeks. So happy you were part of it. Wouldn't have been the same without you my friend.

  3. I confess that a tomato has never made me laugh out loud prior to today! I am pleased that he "died happy".

    Yes, it must be a hoot to be the mysterious madame from afar. Extra kudos for milking that, sister.

  4. What a nice little surprise in that ther tomato! Nice job not missing the little details!

  5. And just so you know, now I'm examining my tomatoes when I slice them up for dinner!


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