Thursday, August 16, 2012

A couple of things in other places.

The London Hybrid Handmade Home made a little appearance in last night's Evening Standard Homes and Property section (page 14 to be exact).  In case you happened NOT to be in London to pick up your very own copy (that would be you and me both then), I thought I'd do a couple of screen shots for you (I've lined them up as best as I can).

Evening Standard, Homes and Property, Wednesday 15 August 2012, page 14
I particularly like the fact that the boy's special toy animals managed to make an apperence in the kitchen picture, on a little shelf, just below the clock!

Elsewhere on the web, this rather neat little film was published featured the Hybrid Handmade Husband doing his thing.

I'm so pleased that we have these bits of documentation to remind us of this special place.


  1. Thank you for posting these! You're absolutely right - what a wonderful reminder of that special place, and now we can share it too! Congratulations to you both. xxx Mr and Mrs L xxx

  2. fantastic. love the picture of all of you on the couch. girl, you've got some serious gams.

  3. Lovely music in that video, it was beautifully filmed- lovely framing. I like what Julian said about can be a trap- so easy to fall into, and so hard to climb out of. Mediocrity is clearly not something your family needs to worry about.


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