Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'I'm having a ME party'

Ever since Helen of henkalullah introduced me to the 'I'm having a me party' song from the The Muppets movie it has been stuck in my head!  So much so that I decided perhaps it would be a good idea to actually have a 'me party'.

I have to say, I highly recommend it.  I added a newly purchased book to the mix and restricted myself to one cupcake...

.... which was delicious and definitely added a 'party' feel to the whole affair.

I'm also slightly consoling myself because I missed the second day of Pam's photo challenge over on the Muse.  Tomorrow's theme is self portrait!  Now, it THAT isn't a challenge I don't know what is!


  1. ooo, i need to listen to that song. One cupcake? you're good because those look delicious and chocolaty.

    hey, you could have used this one for your self portrait....it shows your toes.

    1. Ha! Now you tell me! If I knew it didn't have to actually show my face I would have stayed a bit more behind the camera :)

  2. ps- i'm not and everyday coffee drinker (i'm a tea girl), but i do love coffee. french press=the best! well that a mule kick espresso when I want it strong.

  3. I missed it too. Bummed. I might do a retrospective couple. Meanwhile nice brickwork to go with your cupcake! Any Olympics viewed from that vantage poont?

  4. I want a me party damn it! Especially if you get cakes like that, they look lovely!


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