Friday, April 6, 2012

A Fabulous Friday Feeling - A Few of my Favourite Things

I have a little secret cupboard where I keep some of my precious things.

Ingredients: Secret Cupboard: Ikea, Grow Love print: Bates Merchantile Company on Etsy, wooden pebbles, old capital 'A' letterpress block and desk by Muji.

Do you have somewhere special where you keep your treasured things?

Selected Ingredients:  Pink rabbit purse by Julia Laing of Materialised on Etsy, little pink book by Smythson of Bond Street, Moose by Muji.

Secret cupboard tray ingredients: pebbles, wasp nest, driftwood, spinning top, old tin, pottery star by Jo Heckett, lime green measuring tape (thank you lovely Mrs L) and a 'Winter Song' brooch by me (similar to this one that I sold last week in the hybrid handmade Etsy shop).

Here's hoping you all have a peaceful Easter weekend.  Rest up mes amis!


  1. gee, thanks for featuring my little grow love print among your favorite things. how sweet. love those wooden pebbles, the piece of honeycomb and the rock in front of same tray.....the one with the pretty lacey design. did you do that to it?? or did it come that way? is it a real rock? so many questions........happy easter Cari

  2. Beautiful things! I have a pink Smythson book too - I'm yet to write in it and I think I've had it six years! Still love that tape measure, am honoured you find it precious enough to keep with your treasures. Mrs Lx

    1. I've started putting my 'Desert Island Discs' in the my pink book :)

  3. All my treasures are on display - not so secretive! I like this idea... It would be fun to snoop around your house!

  4. I just found this and you've got no idea how happy it's made me to see that bunny purse in your cupboard. I also have a shelf in my bedroom for special treasures! Best wishes, Julia


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