Monday, March 12, 2012

A Monday Moodboard

Here are a few things that have caught my eye, pulled at my heart strings and generally intrigued me.

First up is this most magnificent quote.  It was brought to my attention by the lovely Mrs L.  I do believe it is most apt.  I do believe it is most apt for many a person.  We all have our troubles and stresses and problems to deal with - this little collection of words reminds us to keep going, keep afloat, keep adjusting and altering our course, setting new destinations as the winds change, facing those storms, wringing our selves dry and continuing on.

Elsewhere this past weekend I have been listening to the wonderful Laura Marling.  I'm not sure why I haven't discovered her before, but I have now and I love her all the more for it.

I have Emma Lee-Potter over on the House With No Name to thank for the introduction.

I also discovered the perfect tea pot, on Etsy!

If this is also the perfect tea pot for you then you can go and pop into cam lab's Etsy shop here where you can marvel at the cornucopia of ceramic goodness that is offered for sale by this most talented Etsyian.

Goodness, are we half way through March already?  I need to get a shift on!  Here's to a productive week mes amis.


  1. Laura Marling is a favorite of mine, as well. That teapot looks as if you could pour it with one hand while holding a book in the other....perfect indeed.

    1. Indeed Jana, I'm adding it to my wish list (along with a few Laura Marling cds)

  2. What a beautiful tea pot! So you, if I can say so!! That little tea pot looks like it's whistling a tune! Mrs L x

  3. boy, that quote is so perfectly suited to my life right now. adjusted and sailing................

  4. hey, laura, thanks for the intro also. She is somewhere between Joni Mitchell, someone's harmonica (bob dylan? baby brain taking over my memory) and a touch of ..... Anyway, you get my point. I like!


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