Thursday, February 9, 2012

Work in Progress - sycamore necklace

What was begun here has been rendered in metal, sawn, textured, riveted and laid out for observation.  Testing, testing before committing to the expense of cutting into sheets of silver.

Sycamore necklace, copper prototypes, Cari-Jane Hakes, February 2012

Elsewhere, I am tempted by this new project launched over on The Art House Co-op site - 'Letters to home..what would you say to your childhood home?'  I began to think about what I would say to the 8 or 9 (I loose count to be honest) homes I have lived in during my childhood.  I take my hat off to the people running Art House.  They have successfully built up a very vibrant and interesting community both on-line and in their Brooklyn Library space.

What would you say in a letter to your childhood home(s)?


  1. Like you, I also have at least 7 homes to choose from, all across the globe! That would be good fun indeed. Maybe I'll find some time to write. Oh, and I adore the necklace, beautiful. Mrs L x

    1. Oh, thank you Mrs L! It is a good topic for writing - I've been wondering about it all day as I've sawn through sheets of bright copper.

  2. Well, I think I'd say "I still love you just the way you are.". My parent's still live there. And even though things have changed, it still 'feels' the same. Like home.

    btw, i tagged you in today's post. If you feel like playing great, if not, no worries.

    Your neclace is coming along beautifully.


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