Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm pink therefore I am!

After a Christmas of HexBugs, Lego, rock guitars and skateboards I'm ready for some PINK.  And good gracious me, the last time we did a bit of pink pinterest was back in August 2011.  Too long, too long my friends.

What a lovely thrown together casualness this room has.  I can't decide if the 'butterflies' are hanging from the ceiling or have just been thrown in the air and then allowed to scatter in the breeze coming through the open window.  In any case, it has me wondering about how a few butterflies on clear fishing twine might look scattered around a bare lightbulb.

So many great things all together in one image - vintage lace, pink and a beautiful quote.  I've used a fair bit of vintage lace in some of my jewellery (these earrings for example).  This image reminds me that maybe I should make a few more.

How beautiful is this?  It takes the whole recycled jumper / sweater thing to a whole different level and is making me re-think the re-style I did back in September 2011.  I'll just need to wait till the Hybrid Handmade Husband hands me down another one of his jumpers!

I thought I'd finish with a hint of Spring.  Could it be the most loveliest of seasons?


  1. Ahh spring, in europe if it comes in properly it always seems full of promise. Here we are mid summer and heading toward autumn, but the last week the weather has been divine divine, not too hot, clear air, blue skies and a light breeze. (todays weather report was brought to you by the preggers chick)

  2. I love the butterflies hanging/thrown in the air! Great idea for future projects.

  3. cari.....you need to DO the butterflies around the light bulb!!! you must!

    love the sweater revamp. i REALLY need to purchase a new sewing machine soon. i'm itching to try some new things.

    Happy new year from this side of the pond. Wishing you all the best.

  4. Andrea - I often think of your guys when I step out into the seasons and you step out into the complete opposite. Having always been a northern hemisphere kindofagal it always amuses me to think of December as warm and August as cold. It is like a whole new vocabulary!

    Chels & Pam - I might even do them in wafer thin clay....

    and also Happy New Year to you Pam!

  5. oooo..the most delicate butterflies......sounds wonderful. by the way, you're probably party responsible for my new-found love of pink.


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