Monday, January 9, 2012

Discomania Virtual Blogger Party over on Decor8

While the world hangs up their party hats at the beginning of January - for me - that was just the warm up!  In the Hybrid Handmade House January is a month packed to bursting with birthdays and anniversaries.

First up!  Wedding Anniversary.  With the Hybrid Handmade Husband somewhat very much occupied with the shoe launch and out of the country I decided to get busy making making some disco ball inspired earrings so I could join the party over on decor8.

As the light began to fade (and the number of scary noises in the wilderness beyond began to increase) I had managed to snap these photographs.

Discomania Pary, Decor8, 9 January 2012, Cari-Jane Hakes

Thank you decor8, this was fun!

And a big, happy disco-ball sparkly anniversary to the Hybrid Handmade Husband!


  1. love it cari! did you bust a move?

    happy happy anniversary to you and shoeman.

  2. hiya cari
    thanks for the visits
    and lots of lovelies
    throughout 2012
    gotta say your blog
    is looking/reading great
    since arriving
    in spain
    i have become
    fixated by succulents
    and always
    up for pink


  3. Chels - well it was fun, until the dark and the spooky noises started....then I beat a hasty retreat and shut all the shutters tight!! Might have bust a few moves Pam whilst in retreat mode!
    Oh Linda! Thank you! Looking forward to your shower update in the near future!


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