Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pebbles and other stories.

The first post of this on-line journal started with.....

"In the beginning there was girl who collected pebbles."

Pebbles, 'All the most beautiful things are gathered by the tide.' print by Fréya Eté on Etsy, and lavender.
Every time I reach the edge of the land my eyes are cast downwards.  I crouch, I sift, I collect and I leave the beach with pockets a little heavier that when I first arrived.

A few months ago I received a package from one of my regular reader, the Lovely Mrs. L.  She sent me some pebbles she had collected from the beach she walks in Queensland Australia.

Australian Pebbles
This week I was delighted and surprised to find a package all the way from California, USA.  A fellow pinner on Pinterest commented on one of my pebble pictures and asked me if I would like some Californian pebbles.  Of course I said yes!  And true to her word they turned up in my little boîte postale on Tuesday!

Californian Pebbles
I will just have to eat more toast and jam so I can clear some more jars for my expanding collection of immigrant pebbles!


  1. Ooooh...I love your pebbles collection! There's something about them, eh? I'm a Vancouverite...want some from here?

  2. I could send you some from a bit further down the coast from the lovely beaches Mrs. L walks on. Ours are on the edge of a volcanic caldera so they could be a little different. You might like my rock collection on pinterest also.

  3. Oh Mrs H...I see something occurring. This is wonderful and an excellent metaphor for how we should all be in our lives. Accepting and giving at the same time, regardless of where the tide washes us from or too. Wandering and wondering. I, personally, am looking forward to the 'new arrivals' you might share with us here. Mrs L x

  4. Oh yes all migrating pebbles are most welcome here! Thank you!


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