Friday, November 25, 2011

A Fabulous Friday Feeling

An entire mini-collection has been gradually surfacing on my workbench this week.  It has been bourn out of small flickering sun-struck pools with shallow depths.  Diving in and swimming around there are a few tiny fish hiding in the seaweed, timid, reserved and waiting for the high tide to give them their freedom.  There is a fair smattering of barnacles, a marine lichen, quietly sampling the microscopic flotsam and jetsam.  And there are a few surf tossed pebbles - showing off their jewel like colours, colours that magically disappear when they surface for air.

A surf splashed 'pebble'
As always, an extra texture on the back.  Some would say this is an unnecessary detail, an extra process that isn't seen.  For me it is an essential detail that is seen by the owner when she takes the necklace off.  It is an essential detail because it makes the piece unique. It speaks of care and it speaks of thoughtfulness - two qualities that allow this piece to become elevated to studio jewellery.

Sea Holly texture on flat back face of 'pebble'
detail of Sea Holly texture
By way of explanation - the little hole - another VERY necessary detail.  It allows the air to escape from the hollow form - if it was not there the whole 'pebble' would explode in my face when soldering the last joint!

I made a second 'pebble' and placed a timid, seaweed hidden fish on the back!

silvered fish detail on back of 'pebble'
As if all this 'unneccessary' detail wasn't enough - I added another one!

signature leaf detail to back
A tiny silver leaf with my London Assay Office makers mark on the back.  I have a steel punch with my initials.  It is an official punch that is registered in London.  It makes all the pieces I make traceable.  No-one else has this punch.  It is my silver signature so to speak.

Elsewhere, another Ancestor's necklace.  Inspired by silvered glistening light.  A simple string of glass and light.  A shimmering simple line.

Ancestor's necklace, Cari-Jane Hakes, November 2011
I love these simple little necklaces.  They are an exercise in restraint, in minimalism - although that said, I would layer these up with at least 2 other necklaces from my salubrious jewellery drawer!  Threading the beads is a very lovely thing to do.  I don't have to worry about hollow forms exploding, solder not running or anything (other than dropping the end of the thread and scrabbling frantically as 20 beads slip off and scatter all over the floor!).

These are the necklaces we have been wearing for thousands of years.  The shape and the form of the 'beads' has altered and changed with time but the basic form remains the same.  It's the kind of necklace that makes me wonder about history and heritage.

Some more on this mini collection next week mes amis - until then I wish you a bon weekend.

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