Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Last 5 Pins on Pinterest

Over on Pinterest I keep spotting some recurring themes.  One that has been around for a while....

dark painted walls!  I'm imagining that you could only really do this in a space that is flooded with light - and as this image shows, you also probably need to balance it up with some light coloured accessories.

I do believe this is a close up picture of some teeny tiny feathers - beautiful!  These little details really fascinate me.  The stuff that is there, all the time, under our feet - but can only be appreciated when we stop and look closely with our cameras or microscopes.

The next pin, more darkness, and a favourite quote of mine.  I often wonder if this is the French equivalent of the English speaking world's "My Way" (I'm amused to find that this song, made popular by Frank Sinatra, is actually based on a French song 'Comme d'habitude').

In passing, I should say that I highly recommend the film La Vie en Rose (2007) that goes some way to dramatise the life and times of the formidable Edith Piaf.

I'm finishing up today's pinnings on a lighter note...

a 'transparent' space that flows from living to stairwell to courtyard in an effortless sweep of light and bright!

And a little something from the Caroline Herrera Fall 2012 Bridal Collection. Simple, structured and classic.   That puts me in the mind to 'Dress for Dinner'!

If your on Pinterest and feel like sharing your last five pins - feel free to leave a link to your page in the comments.


  1. I like the idea of sharing my last 5 pins on pinterest. I love the quote, not sure it is really the equivalent my way... It makes me think of Edith Piaf...I can hear it now! Love the brushes as well..

  2. the last 5 pins are always interesting...I always pin just what I like but I'm always surprised when I look back at the pinning trail to see what I was particularly drawn to or if there was a colour or shape theme to what I was pinning on any given day.

  3. Posted my 5 favourites


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