Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mosaic Mercredi - on a Thursday!

The auspicious occasion of the Hybrid Handmade Husband's birthday yesterday intervened somewhat with my regular broadcasting. Isn't it just a bother when life gets in the way of blogging?

And so I give you a slighted belated (but the first for this month) Mosaic Mercredi.  I took a little blue from the last one and took it from there.

1. early morning shadows, 2. Layers, 3. spill, 4. perles, 5. Blue ice on Fjallsarlon, Iceland, 6. Liquid Heart, 7. quack, 8. wave, 9. 452
As you will see from the above, I am still with the eskimos.  More on that and some completed work (I hope and only if the 'gods of the soldering torch' are smiling on me) tomorrow.

Until then, put some layers on and keep warm!  Unless of course you are antipodean friend, in which case I suggest you ignore that advice.


  1. I LOVE it when we have a huge snowstorm, and the next day, with the way the light bounces on the particles,it looks blue. Nothing is cooler than nature.

  2. ps- yes, such a 'bother'. :) hope he had a happy day and got to celebrate life.

  3. Duly ignored my Northern friend. Tell you what, speaking of how awesome and cool nature is, I'm bursting to tell people I'm just back from a morning walk on the beach and I saw WHALES. I've never seen whales in my life. I was in awe. I still am. Absolutely amazing....and I thought of you a lot on my walk this morning, many gifts left by the tide, stirred up in the ocean and left on the shore. I wondered if ever, if any, if possibly, any could come from your beach to mine....Mrs L x

  4. I love the sound, or the lack of sound with snow. And yes, the light, you can tell as soon as you wake up - the light is different - which can mean only one snowed whilst you were sleeping.

    Mrs L...WHALES! What can I say! I've never seen one! How wonderful! I wonder if a barnacle on a whale from your beach could end up on mine? I'm not sure how migratory barnacles are. I have a feeling they cling tight and never let go!


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