Sunday, October 2, 2011

Le Weekend, Paris

As I look over my photographs from the weekend I am surprised.

Paris was buzzing with Fashion Week and sizzling in unseasonal heat - and yet, the photographs I took look like I was the only one there.

Just me and mounds of leaves in amongst silent statues and sunbeams.

It was slightly surreal to be beneath the thinning branches of ochre and fading yellow; all the visual indicators pointed towards hibernation, layers, boots and tights.

Surrounded by swathes of teeming tourists en route to the Louvre I took this shot. Empty, dusty underfoot, devoid of activity and human scale.

A beautiful adventure and happy to be home.  October is upon us.  I wonder where its end will find us?


  1. lovely. it does look like you were the only one there. how nice you live close enough to enjoy the city. thanks for sharing, i was transported across the sea for a moment.

  2. Oh the colors of Paris... I've only been once, and it was in April. Thank you for introducing me to October. Nice to see it during fashion week without the distractions of ADR et amis!


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